Owner of “Gocchan”

Mami Okada

Mami Okada

Mami Okada, the okami-san, or the proprietor of “Gocchan” has been a hardcore sumo fan ever since her youth. Mami decided to open the restaurant to introduce people from around the world, to the taste of okonomiyaki regarded as the soul food of Osaka, where she was born and raised.


What is an Okami-san?

The okami-san of a traditional Japanese-style inn is in charge of entertaining and taking care of guests. In sumo stables, the okami-san also works as the stablemaster’s righthand by managing the stable, looking after the apprentices and running the sumo wrestlers support group.


The meaning behind “Gocchan”

Gocchan is a greeting frequently used in the daily lives of sumo wrestlers. It derived from the phrase, “Gottsan desu”, the casual version of “Gochisosama”, a phrase used after finishing one’s meal.


What is an Okonomiyaki?

Okonomiyaki is made by mixing flour with soup stock, cabbage, eggs, meat, seafood, and othger ingredients. The mixed batter is poured onto an iron plate and cooked on both sides. It is then topped with mayonnaise, sauce, dried bonito and aonori seaweed flakes.

The History of Okonomiyaki
in the Kansai region

Kansaifu okonomiyaki was born around a century ago. The first version of an okonomiyaki was a simple dish comprised of a crepe-like base layer topped with dried bonito flakes and spring onions. During the post-war reconstruction period in the 1950s, it then changed to a dish that was more filling by adding several other ingredients such as pork and seafood. The dish became popular especially after the 1970 Japan World Expo (Osaka Expo), which sparked a wave of private okonomiyaki shops opening across the Kansai region. Then, the taste of okonomiyaki spread across the country.

Features of Gocchan

  • Food safety

    Food safety

  • Osaka-style<br> friendly way

    friendly way

  • Watching the sumo tournament

    Watching the sumo tournament

We strive to provide a relaxing atmosphere. The okami-san will accommodate customers in an Osaka-style friendly way, just as if she were welcoming a relative visiting from afar. We will explain all ingredients used before serving our customers. Gocchan also aims to share the intrigue of sumo, which is among one of Japan’s representative traditional cultures. We have a place for customers to enjoy watching the bimonthly sumo tournament, and to promote networking among domestic and overseas sumo fans.


Muslim-friendly facilities

Gocchan has a Muslim-friendly menu that uses Halal-certified ingredients. We offer a selection of okonomiyaki that do not use alcohol or pork. When preparing our Muslim-friendly dishes, we ensure customers a safe meal by using a special line of iron plates and cooking utensils.

Muslim-friendly facilities



102 Chateau Sakuragawa, 2-1-15 Inari, Naniwa-ward

Opening hours

Dinner time: 5pm-10pm.
Closed on Wednesday

Shop location

Get off at Sakuragawa Station on the Osaka Metro Sennichimae Line. Go up Exit 7, turn right and walk straight down for 500 meters. You will see an illustration of a sumo wrestler on your left.
About 15 min. from Dotonbori, 5 min. from JR Namba Station, and 8 min. from OCAT (Osaka City Air Terminal).